Localized liposuction is also known as liposuction without surgery, since it is a minimally invasive procedure, and with a simple and fast recovery as it does not require hospitalization. The specialist introduces in the area to be treated a liquid (Klein) composed of lidocaine and other drugs that reduce bleeding and facilitate the suction of localized fat. A cannula is then inserted to extract the accumulated fat. Recovery time is also very fast.

At Sants Institut we are specialists in this minimally invasive technique. The opinions of our patients are very positive, since the before and after surgery are very striking without the need for hospitalization.

Localized Liposuction has shown excellent results in hips, thighs, abdomen, forearms, flanks, neck and legs. In addition, in the case of men, it is used to eliminate pectoral fat (Gynecomastia).

The results of localized Liposuction are truly amazing and can be appreciated almost from the first day, although it will take about 4 months (depending on each person) to appreciate the final result. What makes localized liposuction such a successful treatment is that the results are comparable to liposuction, but with much lower costs; In addition, it does not require hospitalization or sick leave.




The next day normal life


15 days without sport




1 month


Immediate result but better results a month

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