Imagine a facial treatment that alone, or combined with others, manages to give a juicy appearance to your skin, attenuating wrinkles and expression lines and illuminating your face. Well, this and much more is what INDIBA® Deep Beauty will do for you. And you will notice the results from the very first session! What is INDIBA® Deep Beauty?
It is an exclusive patented radiofrequency modality whose results are the most effective. It is based on the Proionic® system, with a specific radiofrequency at 448 kHz that generates biological processes at the cellular level. Depending on the treatment to be performed, the power increase of the equipment is adjusted. INDIBA® Deep Beauty works in a different and unique way, the aesthetic professional uses his hands as an electrode alternating them with the usual system, achieving a deep sensation of wellbeing and relaxation. What does the INDIBA® Deep Beauty facial treatment achieve? At the facial level, the treatments gets to:
- Stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.
- A greater epithelial oxygenation that increases blood flow and circulation.
- Achieves cellular activation.

And as a result
- The skin becomes tighter and firmer.
- Improved elasticity and hydration.
- The appearance of wrinkles is attenuated, the face is illuminated and the facial oval is reaffirmed.
- Reduces fat and sculpts the face.
- It has a draining effect that helps eliminate toxins and reduces bags around the eyes.

And all this, how long does it last?
The results of this facial treatment are immediately noticeable. The face looks more serene, firmer and rejuvenated from the first session. It is a painless, non-invasive treatment with no side effects. The number of sessions is established according to the needs and skin condition of each patient. Another advantage of INDIBA® Deep Beauty is that it is a fast treatment and as the sessions are carried out the benefits are very evident. The effect lasts for months, and it is advisable to perform some maintenance sessions.

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