They are known for their lifting effect without surgery for face and neck. This technique consists of introducing suspensory threads provided with small spicules that allow them to anchor in the subcutaneous cellular tissue to then generate traction and thus produce the natural stimulation of the tissue. The tensor threads are biocompatible and resorbable. For their application, no cuts or sutures are made, and sometimes local anesthesia is used.

There are several types of tensor threads: monofilament or multifilament, spiculated, with cones... etc. each one adapted to different degrees of skin flaccidity.

The tensor threads are an excellent option for skin tightening. Its results are immediate, natural and in harmony with the patient's physiognomy. In addition, months after the treatment, almost permanent connective tissue cords are created around the threads, which is an alternative to not having to perform more aggressive lifting surgeries in the future.

tratamiento hilos tensores

Excellent and immediate results for your face

Facial rejuvenation with tensor (or suspension) threads for an excellent and immediate result. But let's see what the tension threads are, what are their characteristics, who can do it.

These threads aim to make a real lifting without surgery and get excellent results in terms of duration and performance. You can shape and rejuvenate your face, neck and décolleté in a gentle, painless, and natural way, through a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.

 For whom is the Tensor Threads treatment indicated?

This treatment is indicated for anyone who wishes to reshape their face.

The threads help to reposition and reshape certain areas of the face to achieve a relaxed and youthful appearance. Thus, it is possible to redefine the oval of the relaxed face, reduce the nasolabial fold, reposition the cheekbones that have lost their definition over the years, reposition the eyebrows...

They are also a treatment for those with moderate skin aging. They can be used in the maintenance of a facelift if the excess skin is not too important.

This technique is perfect for both women and men.

The result? Lifting effect by restoring the oval of the face and decreasing the ptosis (sagging) of the skin. Then let's not forget the immediacy with which, in a few minutes and in a non-invasive way, we are able to lift the cheekbone, better define the shape of the jaw or lift the cheek region.

Not for nothing is it also called the lunchtime facelift; you can improve your face in a matter of minutes.

At what age do we recommend this treatment?

There is no well-defined precise age to perform this type of treatment. Let's explain it.

We can treat young girls, even 30 years old, who have an asymmetry in the face, and we can intervene to make it more symmetrical and with a more natural look.

The tensor threads perform three actions at the same time:

Lifting action given by the mechanical action of the threads.

Rejuvenating action, thanks to tissue repositioning (tissue lifting).

Revitalizing action, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid in the threads for a prolonged bio-revitalizing effect.

In short, you will also have a firmer, as well as relaxed and hydrated skin.

And you may ask, how is this possible?

By introducing structures composed of molecules already present in our body and completely biocompatible, we exploit their induction properties to produce the desired benefits in addition to the mechanical properties of traction.

These threads function as a stimulus for fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers and new elastic fibers and, therefore, the skin will be more toned and firmer, as well as more relaxed, smooth and hydrated.

Moreover, even after complete resorption of the threads (after 18 months) you will have a better skin quality.

What exactly does the tensor threads procedure consist of?

A local anesthetic is performed to maximize comfort throughout the procedure.

After that, the tensor threads are inserted subcutaneously at the deep dermis level. These threads independently adhere to tissues due to the presence of special anchors. It is essential that the physician has a great anatomical knowledge to follow the traction lines of the tissues.

Once the session is over, the patient is immediately presentable and operative. He/she does not need any kind of social withdrawal, it is possible to experience some pain during the following days that can be controlled with the intake of common painkillers, even if the post-treatment discomfort is minimal.

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