Bichat balls are a fatty accumulation on the inner face of the cheeks that is extracted to define the facial oval through more stylized cheekbones that highlight the features of the face. It is an intervention widely used by celebrities since it helps them eliminate chubby cheeks and show off a more aesthetically interesting face.

Elsa Pataky, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawford, Tom Cruise or Michelle Pfeiffer are some of the celebrities who have resorted to the extraction of Bichat balls.


Bichat balls do not have any specific function in the adult stage, so their extraction has no contraindication. The procedure is quite simple as it is based on a minimal incision on the inner side of the cheeks. The technique used leaves no scars, no post-operative period is required, and patients can return to their normal routine the same day of the intervention.

Who is the ideal patient for bichectomy surgery?

There is no "recommended" age or specific gender for bichectomy surgery, but in recent years it is undoubtedly a fashionable procedure among young people between 25 and 35 years old, who want to have clean, defined and more attractive features.

Bichat balls (named after the French surgeon who first described them) consist of an accumulation of fat in the cheeks, precisely between the masseter muscle and the buccinator muscle.

There are basically two causes of this problem:

  • Age: over the years, in fact, the skin suffers a loss of tone, the so-called cutaneous laxity, around the cheeks. This results in sagging bags that disfigure the overall beauty of the face.
  • Genetics: sagging or chubby cheeks are a real problem not only for older people but also for younger ones. If in a child the Bichat bubble may even seem a pleasant feature, for an adult it can be a source of physical and psychological embarrassment.

It is no coincidence that even personalities from the entertainment world such as models and actors (both men and women) resort to the operation to reshape their face and make it attractive.

For these reasons, the bichectomy operation is indicated both for mature people seeking a facial rejuvenation solution, as well as for young women (and men) seeking facial remodeling and, therefore, aiming to have more harmonious and attractive features.

Is the bichectomy operation painful?

No, the bichectomy operation is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain. In the days following the operation it is possible to feel a slight discomfort due to the incision necessary for the removal of adipose tissue, but this discomfort can be resolved with the medication prescribed by the doctor.

Does the operation leave scars?

The operation does not leave obvious scars because the incision is small and is made inside the mouth.

The removal of the bichat balls consists of a small incision inside the mouth, in the area of the oral mucosa, and leaves no marks. The incision heals within a few days of the operation and leaves no visible or permanent scars.

The operation lasts about half an hour and the patient's recovery is practically instantaneous. After the operation you can return home immediately and in a few days you can resume your daily activities.

For a proper recovery and to avoid infections the patient must follow a routine and it is especially important to clean the inside of the mouth well and refrain from smoking.

Are the results of the bichectomy operation immediate?

Yes, the partial results of the bichectomy operation are indeed immediate; however, it will be about 6 months later, once the skin has reattached to the tissues, when you will be able to enjoy the definitive results. It should be noted that bichectomy is a practice that provides excellent results, even more so when combined with other aesthetic procedures. For example, to extend the benefits of bichectomy, facial reshaping can be performed with cheek augmentation and correction of asymmetries of the chin or jaw.

Is it a safe surgery?

Yes, the bichectomy operation is performed by a team of cosmetic surgery professionals and is absolutely safe. The doctors, thanks to the vast experience acquired over the years and the safe and functional procedures, give the maximum guarantee of success.

The procedure is performed in an authorized clinic with state-of-the-art medical equipment and in full compliance with the health and hygiene laws issued by the Ministry of Health.

The information provided on the website does not replace but rather complements the relationship between the health professional and their patient or visitor and in case of doubt you should consult your reference health professional.