Facial Lipofilling

Facial lipofilling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses fat obtained from the patient's own body as a biocompatible element to fill soft tissues without producing rejection. The fat is obtained from areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, etc. through a small cannula that allows it to be obtained.


Facial rejuvenation with lipofilling allows restoring the facial oval, offering a very natural look. It is ideal to increase the volume of areas such as cheekbones and lips, also to fill nasolabial folds and eliminate small wrinkles.


The results of this technique are fully observed within a week of being applied. As for its duration, you should wait about three or four months to evaluate the variations and thus determine whether it will be necessary to perform new treatments.


tratamiento lipofilling facial

What is facial lipofilling?

Lipofilling is a surgical method that consists in taking fat from certain areas of the body where it is naturally present in larger quantities such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, and transferring it, after appropriate treatment, often to the face.

The transferred fat allows to restore volumes to the areas of the face where they have been lost with aging and also the high content of stem cells present in the adipose tissue has a tissue regeneration effect and this gives new life and brightness to the skin and subcutaneous of the face.

Which spots can be removed with this type of intervention?

Aging causes a natural alteration of the tissues of the face and neck due to dislocation and thinning of muscle mass, atrophy of adipose tissue and reduced skin elasticity. The consequences of these changes are the appearance of more or less obvious wrinkles in the periocular area with associated hollow eyelids, deepening of the nose furrows, depressions in the cheek area, decreased definition of facial contours. Lipofilling allows to attenuate these imperfections by filling the furrows and wrinkles, correcting, and reshaping their volumes.

Is there an age limit for facial lipofilling surgery?

Most patients who undergo lipofilling surgery are between 20 and 60 years of age, but this method is also successfully performed on people between 60 and 80 years of age. In younger patients, the procedure is required to increase the volume of certain areas of the face, such as the lips and zygomatic region. From the age of forty onwards, the objective is to restore fullness to facial volumes as well as an overall improvement in skin quality, thanks to the richness in stem cells typical of adipose tissue.

For whom is this type of intervention indicated?

The most suitable candidates for facial lipofilling surgery are people who have imperfections related to deepening of furrows and wrinkles, volumetric deficits, especially in the periorbital region and cheeks, with reduced definition of the mandibular profile or the mental region. At the level of the lips and zygomatic region, the volumetric augmentation performed by this method represents a valid alternative to fillers with resorbable materials, obtaining a more stable and natural result.

What kind of result can be achieved?

The result of a facial lipofilling procedure is usually very satisfactory, long-lasting and, after a partial resorption that varies from one individual to another, permanent. Partial resorption is the only limit of this procedure, which nevertheless remains the only one valid for certain areas of the face such as hollow cheeks where there are practically no alternative solutions. Lipofilling, that is, autologous fat grafting, is a surgical technique that gives permanent results.

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