INDIBA® is an exclusive radiofrequency modality applied to medical, aesthetic and physiotherapy treatments backed by more than 35 years of research. It is based on the patented Proionic® system that uses a 448 MHz frequency acting at the cellular level.

The application of electromagnetic waves produces a localized diathermy, being the body itself that produces an increase in temperature that leads to the following effects:
- Increased cell activity promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
- Improved blood flow and tissue oxygenation and nutrition.
- Activation of metabolism.

The benefits of these processes are evident:
- The skin is rejuvenated and revitalized creating a lifting effect.
- Improved elasticity and firmness of the skin.
- The heat generated favors the destruction of localized fat (lipolysis).
- Combats fluid retention and increases the elimination of toxins.

INDIBA® is the ideal procedure for body treatments, as detailed below.

INDIBA® body:

- Combats cellulite and reduces fat deposits.
- Prevents new fat formation in the treated areas.
- Firms the skin of arms, belly, flanks, buttocks and legs.
- Reduces and reshapes the body perimeter.
- Effective as an anti-stretch mark treatment.
- Indicated against flaccidity, reduces fluid retention and edema.

The INDIBA® method is suitable for all types of people. The intensity of the treatment is established based on the area to be treated, the physical state and the objective of the treatment. The effects are visible from the first session and have a cumulative effect. It is painless andside effects. Its application leaves a pleasant and relaxing feeling.

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