Pressotherapy is a technique that consists of applying positive pressure to certain tissues, which helps to improve lymphatic drainage and venous circulation. It is carried out by means of blankets or boots that contain air chambers that swell and deflate causing an action similar to that of a massage.

It is also very effective for the treatment and prevention of cellulite.

Pressotherapy is a technique that promotes the recovery of skin elasticity and increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues; it also contributes to the elimination of liquids, which is why it is so beneficial for the treatment of edemas, lymphoedemas, varicose veins, venous disorders, etc.

Pressotherapy is a drainage method. By helping to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, it relieves, among other things, the phenomena of heavy legs and fluid retention.

What is pressotherapy?

Pressure therapy is a veno-lymphatic drainage technique performed mechanically thanks to a device.

Pressure therapy uses the same principle of action as lymphatic drainage, i.e. pressure exerted on the body from the bottom up to promote blood and lymphatic circulation. However, instead of being applied with the hands, the pressure is exerted here with pressure therapy devices. These devices take the form of a belt (for the belly), sleeves (for the arms) or boots (for the legs) connected to an air compressor and equipped with small pneumatic wheels that are inflated one after the other, in order to exert a more or less strong pressure at regular intervals, continuously or sequentially, depending on the desired effect on the target areas.

The benefits of pressotherapy

Promote venous and lymphatic return

By improving blood and lymphatic circulation, pressotherapy helps to alleviate blood circulation problems: feeling of heavy legs, edema and lymphedema, varicose veins, etc. It is also interesting to improve the recovery of athletes. Pressotherapy by continuous pressure is preferred to obtain this draining action.

Promote the elimination of toxins

Thanks to a better circulation of fluids, pressotherapy also contributes to the elimination of toxins.

Have an action on watery cellulite

Pressotherapy can also have a beneficial effect on watery cellulite, to the extent that it is linked to a water retention problem due in part to poor circulation. For this anti-cellulite objective, the sequential pressure technique is used. However, pressotherapy alone is not enough to eliminate cellulite. It must be combined with a balanced diet, or even with other techniques such as cryolipolysis, for example.

However, regular sessions are necessary to obtain these different benefits.

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