There are several types of Bariatric Surgery and the application of one or another will depend on the needs of each patient.

Bariatric surgery consists in the restriction or reduction of food consumption by means of a surgical procedure and is used to treat obesity in those patients overweight over 40 kg.


The Gastric Sleeve is a procedure that is performed by laparoscopy, that is, it is a minor invasive surgery, it is based on the reduction of the stomach in the form of a tube turning it, as its name indicates, into a sleeve. By reducing the size of the stomach, the patient eats less and is satiated sooner. It has excellent results, helps to control appetite and satiety, and allows to change the patient's eating habits


The Gastric Bypass is a technique that is performed by laparoscopy and consists in reducing the capacity of the stomach, creating a much smaller one which is joined to the intestines to allow the passage of food; this way it is possible not only to reduce the amount of food that is ingested but also to reduce its absorption. As a result, weight loss is much faster and more effective compared to other techniques

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