Laser depilation is used to remove unwanted hair. It is carried out using equipment that emits successive pulses of laser light, whose characteristics allow for very effective and safe hair removal since it is concentrated in the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Laser hair removal allows you to remove hair from all parts of the body: legs, groin, arms, armpits, neck, chest, areolas, chin, upper lip, cheeks, ears, nose, back…etc.

In each session the hair will be removed from the treated area, a small percentage of these will grow back (although weaker) and the sessions will have to be repeated until the hair disappears completely. Finally, the number of sessions will depend on the thickness and color of the patient's hair.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method of permanently removing unwanted hair from the face, legs, arms, and other parts of the body.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser equipment produces a highly concentrated beam of light that selectively targets the pigment in the hair bulbs without damaging the surrounding tissue. It allows the destruction of the hair roots of any part of the body in both women and men: face, groin, chest, armpits, arms, back, breasts, legs, abdomen.

Is it more effective than traditional methods?

Unlike traditional hair removal methods, the laser allows faster and more durable hair removal. Compared to electroepilation that is performed on a single hair, the laser uses a broad spot to treat areas that include multiple hairs.

Is it different from pulsed light?

Yes, it's different because the laser penetrates deeper into the skin than pulsed light.
Laser hair removal is long-term, while pulsed light hair removal is not, as it cannot penetrate deep into the skin. To be effective, the light beam must penetrate all the way to the hair bulbs, which at the back, for example, are also 7 or 9 millimeters from the surface. Pulsed light is characterized by low amounts of energy that remain on the surface. The result is a significant decrease in hair growth, but they will always grow back.
With the laser, on the other hand, the problem of unwanted hair is radically resolved.

At what age can one undergo the treatment?

All ages. There are no limitations or optimal ages for the hair removal treatment, except those related to hair color (the laser acts only on pigmented hair, therefore not on light-colored hair).

How do you prepare before laser hair removal?

Es necesario utilizar una maquinilla de afeitar común 1-2 días antes de la sesión: de esta manera se garantiza que toda la potencia del láser se dirige hacia el bulbo piloso, preservando la piel.

On the other hand, waxing or the use of electric epilators should be avoided for at least a month before the session and also between sessions. This is very important to optimize the therapy and not frustrate the only session.

It is good that the skin is well hydrated so that the laser can easily glide over the skin. For this, the daily application of emollient creams in the regions to be treated is recommended. Proper hydration reduces the risk of any transient pigmentation alteration and promotes treatment success.

It is advisable not to take photosensitizing medications or dermocosmetic products (such as acne treatments) before the session. To carry out the treatment it is necessary not to be affected by any photosensitive dermatological pathology (porphyria, autoimmune diseases).

The laser and the sun do not go well together, so the session cannot be done if you are tanned and should not be exposed to the sun two weeks before and after the single session. As a precautionary measure, it is preferable to discontinue laser therapy during the three summer months when sunlight is most intense (July, August, and September).

For all these reasons, it is necessary that the treatment be preceded by a visit to the dermatologist, who will evaluate the presence of all those conditions that are essential for an effective treatment.

How long does a session last?

A treatment session can last from a few minutes (mustache) to over an hour (legs, back), depending on the size of the area to be treated.

How many sessions should be done?

4-5 sessions are recommended for an optimal result, although the effect is already evident from the first sessions.

How long does the effect last?

The problem of unwanted hair can finally be solved in a lasting way. However, after years some hairs may reappear, generally smaller and thinner, and can be treated with thinner sessions than the initial treatment.

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