Lipofilling consists of using the body's own fat to fill wrinkles, folds and creases in any part of the body. This is done by extracting fat from one area and then transferring it to the desired area.

Lipofilling is a safe treatment that does not produce rejection by the patient since it is fat extracted from the patient's own body. It is a simple procedure that does not require hospitalization or discharge.

The lipofilling procedure is used to mold the body since it allows correcting areas such as the buttocks, when they do not have the desired shape due to the lack of fat tissue. Another of its uses is for breast augmentation, whose results are very natural since
the patient's own fat is used.
It is also used in anti-aging procedures as it helps to improve the appearance of sagging skin, acting as a filler. Hands, for example, can be treated with lipofilling to restore the natural smoothness and hydration of young hands.

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