Body Radiofrequency Treatment in Barcelona

Radiofrequency is a technique that consists in the application of electromagnetic waves that stimulate the natural processes of collagen regeneration and increase blood circulation. Also, these electromagnetic waves generate a rapid rotational movement of the water molecules of the fatty tissue that by friction is heated helping in the processes of elimination of localized fat.

The duration of the radiofrequency will depend on the specific needs of each patient, depending on their age, area to be treated and skin type.

Body Radiofrequency is a non-invasive treatment that reshapes the figure by eliminating fat, cellulite and reducing body flaccidity. It also helps in the process of releasing toxins and improving circulation.

tratamiento radiofrecuencia

What is body radiofrequency and what is it for?

Radiofrequency is an aesthetic medicine procedure that consists of applying high-frequency electromagnetic waves to the skin, causing controlled heating of different layers of the dermis, which favors lymphatic drainage, the formation of new collagen and elastin, circulation in the skin and in the subcutaneous tissue and the migration of fibroblasts.

It is a painless technique that is commonly used to treat cellulite and sagging skin in any area of the body. The most immediate effect when applying radiofrequency is the contraction of collagen so that, after several sessions, the deep collagen is restructured and new fibers are formed to replace the already aged ones, thereby providing greater elasticity to the tissues and a smoother skin. As a consequence, wrinkles and body flaccidity are reduced.

The effects are generally achieved from one month after application, and improve over the following months, although this depends on the state of each person's collagen. The procedure is simple, it is enough for the patient to lie down on a stretcher so that the specialist can place a specific gel on the area to be treated and slide the radiofrequency equipment with circular oscillations, checking the temperature of the area at all times with a laser thermometer. The gel is then removed and the treated area is cleaned.

How many body radiofrequency sessions does it take to see results?

First, the specialist carries out a personalized diagnosis before beginning treatment. It is in this first visit when the type of treatment is determined, which will depend on the personal characteristics of the patient, such as age, the area to be treated, metabolism, dehydration of the skin or the structure of the tissues. The number of sessions and their duration will always be determined by the specialist. In general, it is recommended to carry out between six and twelve sessions for body treatments, either on each buttock, abdomen, etc. The minimum time that must elapse in each session is 72 hours, and it is best to undergo one or two sessions per week to achieve the best results.

The results can be perceived from the first session, although the effect is progressive and increases over time. The full results will be seen several weeks after the last session. Once this aesthetic medicine treatment has been completed, it is advisable to attend a maintenance session from time to time depending on the type of skin. It is common for the specialist to recommend a session every three months approximately. Likewise, to improve the results it is advisable to apply a specific cosmetic product in the treated areas after each radiofrequency session. It is not convenient to expose yourself to the sun or UV rays one day before or after the session.

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