Yarn tensioners


Yarn tensioners...

Threads tensioners are known for their lifting effect without surgery for face and neck. This technique consists of introducing small spicules provided suspender wires that can anchor in the subcutaneous cellular tissue and then provide traction and thus produced the natural stimulation of tissue. The tensile wires are biocompatible and resorbable. For its application, no cuts, no sutures are used, and local anesthesia is sometimes used.

There are various types of wire tensioners: mono or multifilament, cones etc. ... each adapted to different degrees of sagging skin.

The tensile wires are an excellent tool to strengthen the skin. Their results are immediate, natural and in harmony with the appearance of patient. In addition, months after treatment, connective tissue cords are created around almost permanent threads, which is an alternative to not having to take more aggressive surgery in the future.
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