Who we are?

We are the aesthetic medicine center reference in Barcelona.
We have more than three decades of experience dedicated to wellness and our style is what sets us apart.
Experts on Hidrolipoclasia treatments for obesity and overweight, micro-hair transplant, cosmetic medicine and surgery.

We explain why we believe that the medical center you need:

-More than 30 years of experience
-Multidisciplinary medical team
- Referees and members of the SECPRE Surgeons
-All our doctors are referees and members of the SEME
- Medical center accredited by the Generalitat of Catalunya
-Our surgeries are guaranteed Sants Institut
-The first visit is always free and without commitment
-We are pioneers and number 1 on Hidrolipoclasia, liposuction without surgery
-We are specialized in treating gynecomastia without surgery
-We are specialized in treatments for overweight and obesity
- Weight loss treatments always under medical supervision
- Free study anthropometric
- We are creators of KAI method to lose weight and stay fit forever
- We have our own treatments developed by our multidisciplinary medical team
-All our surgeries are performed in first-class clinics
-Revisions free forever
-Preoperative personalized and comprehensive
- Prosthesis guaranteed for life
-We personalize treatments according to each patient's needs
-Exclusives Sants Institut Flat Rates. If you find a cheaper treatment, we equalize the price
-All our treatments and surgeries can be financed on easy instalments
-Flexible timetables: we adapt to you
-Because your wellbeing is our goal
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