The Plasmage® is a technology based on plasma (also known as the fourth state of matter) which is applied in aesthetic medicine treatments to treat skin imperfections such as wrinkles around the eyes (legs turkey), perioral wrinkles (barcode), to bags under the eyes, freckles, warts, scars, stretch marks, keloid, fibroids, acne and post acne.

Thanks to blepharoplasty Plasmage® both upper and lower eyelid is done without surgery.

Plasmage® success lies in its minimally invasive technology, which eliminates the imperfections of the skin through evaporation or sublimation of the surface cells, what is translated, in the case of the wrinkles, in a "Effect of ironing" of the skin.In the case of other imperfections such as freckles, the warts, the scars, etc. A total ELIMINATION is achieved in a high percentage of cases
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