The Ultrasonic Assisted Hidrolipoclasia, also known as liposuction without surgery is performed with the use of laser and infiltration of a liquid hiposmotic weakening the membranes of fat cells so you can remove them using a microcanula. It is a procedure that allows, in just one session, remove localized fat from one area, effectively and without the re-accumulation of it.

Hidrolipoclasia has shown excellent results in saddlebags, thighs, abdomen, forearm, flanks, neck and legs. Furthermore, in the case of men used to remove fat pectoral (Gynecomastia).

The results of the Hydrolipoclastic are really amazing and can be seen almost from the first day, although it will take about 4 months (depending on each person) to be able to appreciate the final result. Those who make Hidrolipoclasia a treatment so successful, is that the results are equipped with a liposuction, but with much lower costs; In addition, it does not require hospitalization or sick leave.

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