Facial Bioplasty


Facial Bioplasty...

The facial BIOPLAST is known as facial rejuvenation without surgery. This treatment is designed to combat sagging and remodelling those areas of the face that are sunk or damaged, that means areas that have lost fat.

BIOPLAST achieved with facial areas to enhance the facial contours: cheekbones, jaw, chin ... etc. and significantly improves skin texture of the face. Its effect lasts for up to eight months.

This is done by infiltration of hyaluronic acid and vitamins. With hyaluronic acid we remodel facial contours; it gives volume to lips and correcting folds and wrinkles. Vitamins are applied to shine and light skin. The final effect of the combination of both products is a mild facelift that provides lateral tension in the face and returns the original facial contours of youth with the utmost ease.

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