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Breast Surgery...

Breast surgery is a very broad section taking into account the different needs that may exist depending on each patient. While most surgeries are to increase the size of the breasts, there are many others to improve their appearance and improve the quality of life of the patient.

In Sants Institut we study each case in a personalized way and depending on the shape of breasts, anatomy and skin quality we recommend the surgical technique the most appropriate for the patient.

Breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty)
It is done by placing implants specially designed for this type of operation completely safe via areolar or axillary, which are the two most common forms of access with very good results.

Breast reduction
For those women who have the breasts’ size very large for its anatomy and muscular tone. It causes skin irritation and even at sub-mammary groove back or shoulders.

Reducing nipple
Nipple reduction surgery is used to reshape a nipple too prominent or hypertrophic frequently tends to fold or even hanging.

Breast lifts (Mastopexy Breast)
Mastopexy is to shape the breast existing content by removing excess skin to lift the breasts. According to the patient may need an additional volume due to insufficient amount of breast tissue to get the desired shape, and may also wish to place a breast implant.

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