HIFU is a high-frequency localized ultrasonic-based treatment that acts on fat producing a thermomechanical effect that destroys subcutaneous fat tissue by helping to reduce centimeters and combat cellulite. The HIFU is ideal for working areas such as legs, cartridges, flanks, abdomen ... etc.

The IFU does not need more than two annual sessions. In addition, they can be complemented with other treatments such as manual drainage massages, radiofrequency, carboxytherapy, mesotherapy, etc ...

HIFU also stimulates the production of collagen, also helping to rejuvenate the skin thanks to the stress effect that occurs in its application. It is a treatment where the results create a fluid effect, as if it were surgery. However, HIFU is not an invasive process since it does not require incisions or infiltrations of any kind, it is painless and its effects are immediate.

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