Bariatric surgery


Bariatric surgery


Bariatric surgery...

Bariatric surgery is used to treat obesity in patients with a greater than 40 kg overweight.

And is meant to restrict or reduce food consumption by a surgical procedure.

There are different types of Bariatric Surgery and the application of one or another depends on the needs of each patient.
• Gastric Sleeve:
Gastric Sleeve is a procedure that is performed by laparoscopy, which means that it is a less invasive surgery based on the reduction of the stomach into a tube making it, as its name suggests, a sleeve. By reducing the size of the stomach, the patient eats less and is quenching before. It has excellent results. Helps control hunger and satiety and allows the patient to change eating habits

• Gastric bypass
Gastric bypass is a technique that is done by laparoscopy and consists of reducing the capacity of the stomach, creating a much smaller which binds to the intestines to allow the passage of food; thus achieved not only reduce the amount of food consumed but also reduce the absorption of it. As a result of weight loss is much faster and more effective compared to other techniques.

• Gastric ball
The ball Lap involves implanting a ball inside the stomach to reduce its capacity. The ball implanted produces a feeling of fullness in the stomach leading to a significant reduction in food intake thus producing the desired weight loss. The implementation of Gastric ball can last up to six months.

• Adjustable Gastric ball
Adjustable Gastric Ball is a new device and a non-surgical method. It is the first and unique gastric ball in the world that allows intragastric balloon implantation time up to 12 months. For this reason, the advantage lies in its durability and its ability to adjust, making it more effective and beneficial.

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